Hot Weather Could Aid Runners Training For Summer Race Days: Running Factory

Some runners may be able to take advantage of his hot humid weather in Windsor for training purposes.

Manager of the Running Factory Kyle McCamon says if someone is running for a marathon that takes place in the summer, this would be a good time to condition the body for race day.

But he says runners need to take precautions so they can maintain the body's ability for distance and intensity.

He says the number one thing is to make sure you are hydrated and to drink before being thirsty.

"Depending what you are training for, if it is a race or if it is some sort of distance, you want to kinda train in conditions that will be similar to race day so if it is a race that is in summer, and it could be hot and humid, you do want to do some of your training in heat."

McCamon says the casual runner may want to adjust their outdoor exercises.

"If you are running to run or if you are somebody who does have a hard time while running in the heat, if you change your schedule to do your longer or intense runs in early morning or evening, that temperature could come down quite a bit."

He says this heat could be strenuous on runners.

"Slowing your runs during the day down if it is hot, your body temperature as it rises, makes it harder and harder to maintain a heart rate that is easy enough that your body can continue to run at a prolonged pace speed that kind of thing."

McCamon suggests runners look at electrolyte replacements like powders, tabs or drinks so anything that is sweat out, can be replaced.