Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare Receives $500,000 Commitment From Local Business

Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare is launching a new campaign to give people a different way to donate.

The Planned Giving Campaign will support the Changing Lives Together Foundation for programs and services at the west end hospital.

The campaign encourages donations through a will or trust which are granted once the donor has passed away.

Barry Fowler at Fowler Financial committed $500,000 to the campaign.

He says if people don't plan ahead, the government can potentially tax whatever is left in a person's RRSP or RRIF upon their death.

"When given the choice between giving into the big pot of government or an organization that means something to an individual, most people I know would choose a charity over the government," says Fowler.

Hospital Spokesperson Bill Marra says it's another option people should consider.

"Planned giving is another very easy way to give to your charity of choice whether it is a hospital, foundation or non-profit," says Marra.

Marra says it is a great way to donate to the hospital because even with the new $2-billion mega hospital, Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare will still be needed.