Hotel-Dieu Grace Launches Two New Youth Mental Health Programs


The Youth in Partnership committee at Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare has launched two new mental health services for youth.

The 'Be Safe' app will focus young adults seeking help in a crisis while the online tool 'How's it growing?' will provide coaching strategies to deal with life's everyday challenges.

Coordinator of Community of Practice Tammy Drazilov says 'How's it growing?' takes a unique approach.

"The 'How's it growing?' app asks you a bunch of questions about your mental health and as you complete the quiz you'll be assigned a different plant. Whether you're a cactus or a lavender or a money plant, each of those plants have great strengths as well as there's some tips to care for yourself."

She says youth had a lot of input in putting together both programs.

"Having these opportunities to see a project right from the beginning until completion is an excellent opportunity for them to grow as a person, to develop new skills and to really see the potential that they have to see these projects to completion."

Drazilov says their research found many young people are looking for direction.

"We were asking young people, how do you like to be engaged with other young people around mental health? They really said they wanted more opportunities to find local resources and how would they get services and where should they go."

Drazilov adds the Youth in Partnership committee was created about two years ago as group of adults and young people working together to improve mental health services for youth in the Windsor-Essex community.

— with files from AM800's Peter Langille