Howe Bridge information Sessions Scheduled

An update will be available to the public today on progress toward construction of the Gordie Howe International Bridge.

The Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority is hosting an information session today at MacKenzie Hall from 3pm-7pm - it will include updated photos of the work that's been done and is ongoing at the sites in Brighton Beach and Delray, Michigan.

WDBA Spokesperson Mark Butler says the idea is to make sure people are aware of the progress.

"We want to make sure the public and our stakeholders are totally involved in what's happening and that they're getting the latest information. So periodically we go out to the public and we have meetings on both sides of the border to give them the update and to say and show them exactly what's happening," says Butler.

He adds there will be presentations and the experts will be available after.

"We also have subject matter experts so we'll have somebody from our environmental team there on the US side there will be people regarding property acquisition, we have engineers so we have a wide gamut of experts who can answer and question that the stakeholders and the public have about the project."

The next major milestone in the project will be in June when the winning proponent group will be announced.

An similar information session will takes place Wednesday April 18th in Michigan.