Huge Volleyball Championship Set For The Sportsplex

The Windsor Adult Mixed Volleyball League was founded in 1976 at St Angela Catholic School.  It was an opportunity for a group teachers to get together and play some volleyball.  Fast forward 39 years and there are currently 177 teams playing in over 90% of available volleyball courts in the Windsor-Essex region. The league is now known as the Windsor Adult Volleyball League (W.A.V.L.) and is producing its first overall championship, April 12 at the St. Clair College Sportsplex.

The league has 11 tiers of nine teams each on Wednesday and nine tiers on Tuesdays night.  The league is using 63 gyms across the region which include, the city's community centres, every school board and is even using the new Southwest Detention Centre, commonly referred to as the City Jail.  W.A.V.L. runs from October to the first week of April.

This year's inaugural game will feature the Gillis Champion (Tuesday) Advantage Plus.  Made up of volleyball fixtures such as Corey Cole (OCAA All Star, St. Clair Saint) Jordan Lynch (St Clair Saint) and Kelly Paolini (OUA All Star, Uwindsor Lancer) playing against the Primeau Champion (Wednesday) Tanks and Spanks with Prodan Brothers, Jake and Josh (Essex Ravens) and Kat Mcfadden (Lajeunesse Royals).

The championship is free to the public and is being played at the St. Clair College Sportsplex on Wednesday April 12.  Game time is 7pm.  For more information you can visit the league's website.