Human Rights Tribunal Resumes For A Windsor Police Officer

A Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario hearing involving a Windsor police officer resumes Thursday morning.

Submissions were heard on Wednesday, the third day of the hearing which began in late February.

Staff Sgt. Christine Bissonnette is claiming "systemic discrimination" within the Windsor Police Service over the course of her 30-year career.

On Wednesday, she told the tribunal she felt she was overlooked several times because she was a female, while her male colleagues received promotions.

Bissonnette also told the tribunal the organization damaged her reputation and was told she was a problem person not worthy of a promotion.

She also discussed a number of incidents in which she believed she was a victim of "gender bias discrimination."

Several individuals were mentioned during the testimony including Chief Al Frederick.

Bissonnette was hired in 1987 and become a Staff Sgt. in 2012, six years after she was eligible to become one.

She also applied to be an inspector in 2015.

Bissonnette first filed her complaint in 2010.

The Windsor Police Service is denying the allegations.

When the hearing resumes Thursday morning, it’s expected recordings between Bissonnette and some of her colleagues will be played at the hearing.