Hundreds Attend Diversity BBQ at Wigle Park


All smiles at the third annual Diversity BBQ.

The fun filled event was held on Saturday at Wigle Park off Erie St.

It was put on by a number of groups including the city, Windsor police, Windsor fire, the Unemployed Help Centre along with New Beginnings, Connections Early Years Family Centre, Windsor Chapel and the Multicultural Council.

The event featured a free bbq, dance performances, activities and giveaways.

Neil McEachrane is the Diversity Officer for Windsor police.

He says planning began a few months ago.

"To come out here and see this huge turnout, it makes us feel really good, makes us feel worth-while," says McEachrane.  "So I'm happy to have a perfect day."

McEachrane says Windsor is quite diverse and the city must celebrate that.

"We must let everyone know who we are, this is who we are," says McEachrane.  "The whole idea is bringing everyone, different backgrounds, different situations out here to sort of blend together, meet and talk with each other, that's the main reason why we're having this."      

He says hundreds of people attended the three-hour event.

"It means that what we're doing is worth-while," says McEachrane. It means what we're doing means something to everyone.  So when I see smiling faces, people telling us thanks, it means a lot.  Some people want to actually give us money and we say sorry no, this is not about money, it's about just have a good time."         

McEachrane says they couldn't ask for better weather adding last year it rained most of the time.