Hurricane Harvey Strands Local Business Owner In Houston

A local business owner is stranded in Houston, Texas as Tropical Storm Harvey continues to keep airports closed.

Vern Myslichuk says he's been holed up at his hotel since last Friday.

He says the hotel has become a makeshift storm shelter.

"This hotel has sort of been a haven for some of the residents in the area as well because what had happened was a lot of the flooding was happening literally probably about a half a block from here. Residents from some of the buildings next door were actually coming to this hotel. It filled up quite fast."

He says it's been a tough few days dealing with flooding at home as well.

"That was some crazy news to have as well. Dealing with some water here and the next thing I know I'm getting pictures from people in Windsor about Jefferson and Walker and some of the buildings we own have been flooded as well. So it's kind of ironic that I'm dealing with it here and there at the same time."

He says he's hoping to get home soon.

"Yesterday, I ventured out for the first time in about four days. It was coming down pretty good. My flight has literally been bounced for the last four days. A bit of a disappointment, but it's been an adventure just to say the same. This is sort of that little bucket list adventure."

Myslichuk owns Better Made Cabinets in Tecumseh.