Hydrant Flushing May Result In Discoloured Water: Enwin

Enwin customers may see some discoloured water in the near future.

Beginning May 14 to October 5, Enwin will begin its annual Water System Flushing program to ensure safe hydrant pressure.

"As we are flowing, we disturb the mains of course, we want to open up the hydrants to give them a good flow and make sure the hydrant is working of course, make sure the valve is working at the hydrant," says ENWIN Director of Water distribution Dave Melnyk.

Customers in the targeted areas may notice some mild discolouration or sedimentation, but it is not harmful and should clear up after running the water for several minutes.

The utility recommends people avoid doing laundry at the time because it may damage some clothing.

It also recommends people not to run any hot water taps.

Enwin will be posting information on where it is working on its website.