Hydro One Board Members Give Themselves A Raise

Hydro One has become the big issue of the Ontario election campaign today following word that the board decided to give themselves a $25,000 pay hike this year.

Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford repeated his pledge to fire the entire board after learning members voted to give themselves the raise along with a $70,000 increase for the board chairman.

Ford says those amounts are ridiculous for a part-time job that involves attending several meetings.

Premier Kathleen Wynne also calls the pay hike unacceptable and says a review of the former public utility's compensation package that her government called for last month also includes board compensation.

But Toronto-Danforth NDP, Peter Tabuns says his party plans to buy back shares of Hydro One to return it to public control is the only way to stop millionaires from looking after themselves.

— with files from The Canadian Press