Hydro Rates Expected To Be Key Issue As MPP's Head Back To Work

The Ontario Liberals can expect a major assault today when the Ontario Legislature resumes after the winter break.

The high cost of electricity and hydro disconnections are likely to be two key issues raised by the Conservatives and the NDP.

University of Windsor Political Science Professor Lydia Miljan says with the next election just a year and a half away, time is running out for the Liberals to turn their fortunes around. "When there's a ground swelling of disenchantment for the current government, I wouldn't discount that this could be a change election and you could have a whole number of people sweep in with little or no name recognition or even legislative experience. That certainly happened federally in the last election."

Miljan also told AM800's 'The Afternoon News' that she's looking forward to hearing from the New Democrats and the Conservatives: "I think that there's lots of reasons for people to vote against the current government, but they haven't been given clear answers on why the Conservatives or how the Conservatives, or the NDP for that matter, would be a better alternative. I think that's the biggest challenge for both Andrea Horwath and Patrick Brown."

The next provincial election takes place in the fall of 2018.