Illegal Moose Hunting Lands Fine For Amherstburg Man

An Amherstburg man has been fined $2,000 relating to illegal moose hunting.

Jeremy Beaudoin pleaded guilty for unlawfully attaching his game seal to a moose killed by another person.  He also received a two-year hunting licence suspension.

Court heard that on November 8, 2014, a man from Sturgeon Falls shot a cow and a calf moose near Marten River.  He was licensed to only hunt calf moose.

Beaudoin was told about the kill and drove to Marten River to put his cow tag on the moose.  He then transported the cow moose back to his home in Amherstburg, where the moose was seized by conservation officers.

The Sturgeon Falls man was fined $3,500 for hunting a cow moose without a licence.