Increase Of STDs Seen In The US Not An Issue Locally

A report issued by the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) in the US on rates of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) does not hold true in Ontario.

The CDC report found the rate of syphilis among women jumped 27% and continues upward.

It has also led to a sharp rise in newborns with syphilis, known as early congenital syphilis.

But the Windsor Essex County Health Unit statistics show no such increase in the disease.

Manager of Epidemiology, Ramsay D'Souza, says Syphilis is the least common STD in this area.

He says STDs in general ar a large portion of reportable diseases at about 70%, mostly Gonorrhoea Hepatitis-C and Chlymidia.

D'Souza says newborn cases are almost non-existent: "with regards to early congenital syphilis we haven't had a case here for a very long time if you go back to 2005 we haven't seen a case.  Provincially since 2005 there have been about 15 cases up to 2016 which is less than one case a year"

He says the largest number of STDs locally are chlamydia, and has remained consistently high in Windsor-Essex.

The CDC report points to budget cuts for state and local health programs as a key cause of the increase in STDs in the US.