Incumbent Mayor Dilkens Opens East-Windsor Campaign Headquarters

Incumbent mayor Drew Dilkens officially opened his new campaign headquarters in east-Windsor Saturday.

The store front on Tecumseh Rd. E. near Lauzon Pkwy. was full as Dilkens made his way in for a brief speech before allowing supporters to spread out in the parking lot to mingle and enjoy some free food.

Dilkens tells AM800 News the drive to run for a second term is simple, he has some unfinished business.

"The time you learn how to do the job and figure out what you need to get things done, four years just isn't enough time to actually accomplish anything," he says. "I think there's more to do, I'm excited, I still have the energy and the passion to give back to my community for four more years and I'm hoping the people are excited about that too."

He says he'll let his track record speak for itself come election day.

"People know what they get with me, they have four years of experience with me as their mayor, eight years as a city councillor, they know that when I say I'm going to do something I'm going to get it done," says Dilkens. "Laying out the vision with volunteers and supporters and friends and family today is very exciting."

One thing Dilkens wanted to point out is some of the "unwanted influences" he wants to keep out of city hall.

He later identified opponent Matt Marchand and his 12-years as a policy assistant to former mayor Mike Hurst as the possible pathway for some of those influences.

A computer leasing scandal, a failed building project and a few other items are things he looks forward to questioning Marchand about heading into the election.

"Let me say MFP [Financial Services Ltd.] might be one of those unwanted influences, then maybe Canderel [Group] and the decision to build a building that ended up half the size and about twice as much money," he says. "Different decisions he's made, whether it's with the DRTP [Detroit River Tunnel Partnership] or the Ambassador Bridge."

Frank Dyck, Tom Hensel, Ernie Lamont, and Matt Marchand are also running for mayor.

The 2018 Municipal Election is set for Oct. 22.