Initial Savings For Contracting Out Caretakers at One City Facility.

The initial numbers are coming in from a request for proposals seeking bids from the private sector to do caretaker work at city facilities.

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens says at one facility alone at Huron Lodge, it could save the city more than $600,000

Back in March, Windsor City Council voted 6-5 to allow administration to issue the RFP as long as it didn't affect full-time jobs.

"What we are seeing initially here in terms of the request for proposals is a significant savings even at one facility alone, it could be over $600,000 a year in savings at one facility," says Mayor Dilkens.

"We always have an eye on how we can do things better, of course money is always a part of the equation but it is about service delivery and that's what the focus is so if there is a way for us to deliver the service in a more efficient and effective manner it is important for us to look at ways to do that."

The union representing the caretakers CUPE Local 5-4-3 argued even though the RFP may protect full-time positions, the part time jobs would be in jeopardy and there are 51 part-time caretakers across the city.