Intentionally Set Fire Tears Through East End Playground

Windsor police are investigating after a pair of fires at east Windsor playgrounds.

At around 5pm Wednesday, Windsor fire crews were called to the Dawson Rd. playground and arrived to find flames and smoke billowing from the newly installed play structure.

Police on scene told AM800 News it appears the fire was intentionally set and the investigation has been handed over to the arson unit.

Rebecca Dalgleish lives across the road and says her daughter and many other neighbourhood kids use the playground nearly every day.

She says the new playground is only a few months old.

"In the winter time they started taking down the old park and started constructing the new park and it just got finished. So it was a real shame when I came home and I saw the police and I see the news."


The aftermath of a fire at the Dawson Rd. playground in east Windsor on April 10, 2019 (Photo by AM800's Zander Broeckel)

Dalgleish says, on a nice day, the park is buzzing with activity.

"This park is packed. I drive by all the time and there's tons of kids. It's a really nice park and it's just a shame that something so nice, something so new got destroyed by someone so ignorant."

She adds it's frustrating to see the fire after the city did such a great job installing the equipment.

"We were really grateful for the city to provide the funds for them to create the park and it's just really disappointing and sad that it had to be partially distroyed."

Police say shortly before the Dawson Rd. fire, a second smaller fire was set just blocks away at the Francois Court Park causing minimal damage.

Anyone with information about either fire is asked to call the Windsor police or Crime Stoppers.


The locations of two separate playground fires in east Windsor on April 10, 2019 (Photo courtesy of Google Maps)