Interim Report On Assumption Church Fundraising Will Soon Be Released

The Catholic Diocese, Assumption Parish and broader community will soon have clear answers about fundraising for the historic building.

Lawyer Paul Mullins was asked six months ago to compile a report about previous fundraising campaigns.

He expects the interim report to be released in the next couple of months with a complete report to follow in the fall.

Mullins says from a legal standpoint,  there has not been a misappropriation of the funds.

"I'm satisfied that the monies that have been donated have all been accounted for and the monies that have been spent have all been accounted for, so there's no issue in terms of the accountability of the monies," says Mullins.

He adds, the community first needs to know what the buildings need before looking at how to pay for the work, saying "it's very difficult to get into a discussion as to what the options would be until people have a clear understanding of what took place already and what the projected costs are to do the work that's needed to be done"

The 170 year old church closed in 2014 due to extensive repairs that are needed.

The most recent estimate of the repair work was $10-million.