It's Back To The Basics With Fire Prevention Week: Windsor Fire

Windsor Fire and Rescue Services want people to get back to the basics when it comes to Fire Prevention Week.

This year's theme is Look. Listen. Learn. Be Aware. Fire can happen anywhere.

Windsor Fire Chief Stephen LaForet says it is about getting back to the fundamentals by having working smoke alarms and a home escape plan.

He says this is a good reminder for people check out their home with a critical eye.

"Go to their homes with their family and look around the house and see what fire hazards exist and take care of those beforehand because we know that if a fire doesn't happen, then there is no chance of being injured," says LaForet.

He says the goal is to have no fatalities.

In Ontario, there have been 71 fatal fires so far this year.  There has been one fatality in Windsor this year.

Chief LaForet points out although there have been two large industrial fires in Windsor recently, the week is about focusing on people's homes.

"They catch a lot of media attention but luckily we don't see many injuries in an industrial fire or commercial fire, where we see injuries and fatalities are typically in residences, whether an apartment building or a home," he says.

LaForet says kitchen fires are too common and people must always stay in the kitchen when cooking.

He also reminds people to check out electrical cords for any damage.

Fire Prevention Week is October 7th to the 13th.