Items Recovered from Trupish Theft But Suspects Still At Large


Windsor Police confirm pictures stolen from Olympic boxer Adam Trupish have been found.

Sargeant Steve Betteridge says they were located by a citizen in the downtown this morning and recovered by police.

He says unfortunately there is damage to some of the pictures because the duffle bag was left outdoors and got wet in the rain overnight.

Sgt. Betteridge says their investigation is ongoing and the 2 suspects are still at large.


am800-news-suspect-B- Adam-Trupich-theft-march-2017

Trupich spoke out about the theft yesterday saying he had lost a duffle bag containing photographs, including Olympic photos, along with childhood photos, wedding photos and vacation photos.

His car was parked in the garage of his apartment building in downtown Windsor Monday afternoon at the time of the theft.