Jail Sentence For Windsor Volleyball Coach On Sex-Related Offences

A former Windsor volleyball coach is going to jail after pleading guilty to sexual assault and possession of child porn.

On Friday in provincial court, 52-year-old Arthur Yanamoto was sentenced to eight months in jail and 12 months probation for an inappropriate relationship he had with a player under the age of 18.

Court heard in an attempt to motive a player whom he saw tremendous potential, he took improper photos and videos, to try to get her to focus.

The crown argued the explaination was bizarre.

Outside of court, defence lawyer Brian Dube says this is more than just a custodial sentence for his client.

"Jail is horrible for him but I will tell you what is even worse is the fact that he now has to give up his passion and that is coaching volleyball," he says.

Despite the guilty plea which took place in April, Dube says his client does not have sexual offender dispositions.  He says police investigated Yanamoto's background and no other incidents took place.

Before being sentenced, the former coach apologized to the victim and her family and said he hopes all her dreams come true.

Justice Lloyd Dean told the court it takes a lifetime to build a reputation and just one incident to destroy it.

Yanamoto was a respected coach for 17 years.

He was a coach at the Genesis Volleyball Club at the time.

The victim did not submit a victim impact statement and was not in court for the sentencing.