Job Openings On The Way At St.Clair College

Officials at St.Clair College in Windsor are planning for the future when it comes to staffing.

President Patti France says the college is going to be on the look out for some new blood, very soon. "We actually have about 40% of our staff that will be eligible to retire in the next two years."

The potential mass exodus is due to a longstanding core group of staff, many of which started working at the college at the same time. "Faculty and administration will likely see more retirements than our support staff," says France. "Our support staff has started to see some turnover in the last few years, so they're a little bit younger, but there will be turnover in all three constituent groups."

France says St. Clair College currently employs close to 500 full-time and 1,300 part-time staff.