Just In Time Deliveries Could Slow Under Trump Ban

The Trump travel ban for people from 7 mainly Muslim countries could have an impact on "just in time" deliveries.

Dr. Bill Anderson, Director of the Cross Border Institute at the University of Windsor, says trucking jobs are often filled by new Canadians, some of whom are from those identified countries.

He says there are no statistics of how many drivers could be affected, but the trucking companies would certainly have identified those individuals.

He says there are already difficulties filling all the positions in trucking companies: "it's going to put a lot of truck drivers into an uncomfortable position of approaching the border and not being sure whether they're going to be able to get across and it's probably going to put a significant number of drivers into a situation where they just can't cross the border so it'll create a shortage in that sense"

He says the trucking companies would be well aware of the immigration status of all their drivers and would know if they weren't going to be able to cross the border.

Anderson says shuffling drivers around so the ones without border issues are on those routes won't be easy, because Hours of Service regulations limit how much time behind the wheel any one driver can have.

Anderson says at this stage there does not appear to be any impact on the cross border transport of goods, but this is very early in the travel ban.