Keep Vents Clear To Prevent Danger

The Chief of Essex Fire and Rescue is sending out a reminder about some dangers caused by snow and cold weather.

Rick Arnel says the build up of snow and frigid temperatures can lead to several different types of emergencies.

"One major concern is snow around fire hydrants," says Arnel. "We ask people and we sent out tweets, saying clean around your fire hydrants so that when we do arrive on scene in an emergency, we don't have to do that, the fire hydrant is clean and we can get to it."

Arnel says it's also important to keep vents clear. "Gas vents that go out the side of your house and with blowing snow, if they blow up and they fill up around there, what happens is, the vents, they're not allowed to vent and the gas goes back up into your house and you have CO in your home."

 Arnel says it's also a good idea to help out neighbours who aren't able to clear the snow from vents or fire hydrants on their property.