Key Witness Testifies in Windsor Murder Trial

A key witness in the second degree murder trial of John Wayne Pierre has taken the stand.

Pierre is accused in the November 1, 2016 killing of Leslie Watterworth at a Curry Avenue residence.

A man who describes himself as a work friend of Pierre told jurors about a strange incident the same day as the murder.

Willie Borders took the stand to tell jurors of the visit he got from Pierre that afternoon.

Borders told how Pierre showed up at his house at about 4 pm wearing a suit, which was unusual for him.

During the visit Borders said Pierre was nervious and edgy, but not intoxicated.

At one point Pierre asked for a pen and paper and wrote a note.

It says " I killed, Windsor's worst in 15 years"

Borders explained that Pierre took the note, put it in his mouth and chewed it, then put it in an ashtray.

He says Pierre told him he had killed Leslie Watterworth, but Borders say he didn't believe him.

Borders says Pierre was strange and emotional and was always joking.

He says Pierre left, but came back later and had clearly been drinking.

At that point Pierre gave Borders a baseball with writing on it including the words "Happy Halloween"

On cross examination, Pierre's lawyer Ken Marley tried to get Borders to admit to a drug relationship.

He suggested Borders had seen Pierre smoking crack, which he denied and said he only heard that had happened.

Marley also suggested Pierre had gone into Border's garage on that first visit and done a line of crystal meth.

Borders denied that had happened.

The trial has adjourned for the weekend.