Kings Landing Coming Down

The former Kings Landing restaurant in Kingsville is coming down.

Gagnon Demolition will take the wrecking ball to the former tourist hotspot for just over $64,460.

In its place, council has settled on a two-storey design modeled after the historic Grovedale Hotel circa 1887. The project is tied to a federal grant and construction needs to begin this year.

Kingsville Mayor Nelson Santos says the new building will be able to be used for theatrical performances, concerts and small conventions.

"It certainly is a space that is geared for a lot of community use — it'll be a supplement  and a space to help provide for those using Mettawas Park next door," says Santos.


An artist's rendering of the Grovedale House design option to replace the former Kings Landing restaurant in Kingsville. (Photo courtesy Glos Associates via Town of Kingsville)

Santos says choosing the 'Grovedale House' design — a two storey building with a wrap around balcony — is about honouring the town's history.

"Really, it goes back to the history of Kingsville in the day of the late 1800's and the turn of the century," says Santos. "There was grand splendour along the waterfront, there were great attractions."

Santos says because the project is tied to a federal grant, construction will get underway before the snow comes.

"We want to have at least the shell completed so we can do a lot of the interior design and finishes over the winter," says Santos.

Glos Associates were hired for nearly $80,000 for design and engineering work on the project. The town has a $181,000 Canada 150 grant towards the project, which is expected to cover about 30% of the total cost.


The former Kings Landing restaurant in Kingsville is seen on June 6, 2017. (Photo by AM800's Ricardo Veneza)