Kingsville Filling Empty Seat By Appointment

Kingsville is by-passing a by-election and appointing a new councillor to fill the current vacancy.

Sandra McIntyre resigned her seat pointing to personal reasons.

Through a 4-2 vote, council decided to appoint the candidate with the next most votes in the last election.

Councillors Tony Gaffan and Susanne Coghill voted against the motion.

The pair preferred to appoint through application. The candidates would apply for the open spot and a special meeting would be set up to interview the applicants before choosing the replacement.

Councillor Susanne Coghill feels many of the potential applicants would have been people already volunteering for town committees and aware of the main issues council is dealing with as the term winds down.

"With there being only a year left, we need somebody that's up to snuff and involved in the goings on and the happenings of Kingsville, and I feel like there are several individuals that foot that bill," says Coghill.

Councillor Tony Gaffan wanted to open the seat to more potential candidates.

"The biggest reason was is I knew there were people that also ran [in the last election] that sat on committees, volunteer at almost all of our functions and I felt it was an opportunity to give everybody a chance to apply and we then we would be able to pick the best one," says Gaffan.

One thing everyone agreed on — a by-election in Kingsville was never in the cards.

"Not at all, we would never spend $55,000 for this short of time frame. I don't think that was ever an option at this stage," says Coghill.

The next candidate in line from the last election is John Dreidger, followed by Gary Bain. The town will now approach the former candidates about taking the empty seat on council.