Kingsville Hires Integrity Commissioner

Kingsville council has appointed an integrity commissioner.

Mayor Nelson Santos says the town has entered into a two-year contract with lawyer Paul Watson.

He says Watson is the integrity commissioner for Chatham-Kent.

Santos says Watson could look into any significant issues that might have impacts on the community.

"We felt it was best to have an outside independent body, the integrity commissioner, come in to be the one to respond to whether it's residents requests and questions or even serve as an officer for us as members of council to help clarify potential situations surrounding conflict of interests," says Santos.

He says Watson is a practicing lawyer and resides in Chatham-Kent.

"He has the background in dealing with arguments one way or another but also he serves as the integrity commissioner for Chatham-Kent so he's in the neighbourhood," says Santos.

Watson's contract runs from March 1, 2019 to February 28, 2021.

"We have a contract obviously favourable for the municipality in terms of when we require and need to retain his services," says Santos.  "It's something that when we put the tender out, his presentation and proposal was one that we saw with great benefit overall."

The town has set aside $8,000 in its 2019 operating budget for an integrity commissioner.

Watson is not charging the town a monthly or annual retainer fee.