Kingsville Launches Mass Notification Alert System

The Town of Kingsville is rolling out a mass notification alert system.

Kingsville's Fire Chief Chuck Parsons says since the reverse 9-11 system was phased out a number of years ago, there's been nothing in place to get emergency information out to residents.

The new system currently has 8,900 home phone numbers registered, but Parsons is urging residents to go online and enter other contact information like cell phone numbers and email addresses.

He says there's a number of avenues to send out alerts.

"They can utilize cell, text, home phone, email and it allows us to get information out to them in a very timely fashion. Things like flooding, after tornados, after severe weather what to do, boil water advisories, anything like that we will provide them information should there be an emergency."

Parsons says residents can subscribe to non-emergency notifications as well.

"If you want to know about road closures, if you want to know about events or facility disruptions, you can subscribe to that and only the people that subscribe will get that information specific to what they're asking for. So if you don't want that information you're not going to be put on the list, but if you do it's important information that you can get."

Parsons adds, other municipalities are already successfully using the system.

"Tecumseh was the first on board. They've been about a year and a half. Leamington was next on board. They've been just over a year and they've used it on several emergencies and it's worked extremely well. So we're the next ones in, Amherstburg to follow and LaSalle after that. It's a very good user-based system."

The system will cost the town about $9,000 a year to operate, something Parsons calls "very cheap insurance".

For more information or to register your phone number for notifications head to or call town hall at 519-733-2305.