Kingsville Looks to Improve High-Speed Internet Coverage

The town of Kingsville is looking to fill-in gaps in its high-speed internet services.

Mayor Nelson Santos says residents and local business owners have asked council to investigate how gaps in the network can be closed.

Santos says council will put together a report on what it will take to get the job done and put out a tender to have someone come in and do it.

He says internet service has become more than an entertainment perk.

"Having gaps in the system or when the services are down, severely impacts there business and a lot of other businesses that we're aware of in our community," says Santos. "It's an important part of our economic development and certainly the investment in the infrastructure that's needed is something that's a priority for our community."

He calls the internet a necessity for most business in 2019.

"Obviously the market is there, the need and demand continues to grow for it and actually the capacity that we need to build to in our area, Windsor and Essex County, it's very important," added Santos.

He doesn't expect it to be easy, but council will get it done.

"When you're looking at trying to span across a larger area there's a lot more detail we have to look at," Santos says. "It's also part of why we're investigating with SWIFT [Southwestern Integrated Fibre Technology] to see how we can create that backbone to start to get to that last mile."

The report is expected to come back to council by the end of May.