Kingsville Man Takes Bottle Flipping To New Level

Kingsville's Tim Stanley is looking to capitalize on the bottle tossing craze popular with many young people.

The game sees players try to throw a bottle so it flips to its upright position.

Stanley has created a band that wraps around the bottle to record scores for the game. He says it's a lot like any fitness tracking band.

"I just switched the concept of what it tracks that's all," says Stanley. "Every time the bottle makes a 360 spin in the air, it will track the flip and then there is the mechanism inside, as soon as it stops, let's say it lands upright it will give them points."

Stanley says people are already contacting him to discuss his idea. 

"Lots of interest, it is just in the early stages. Dragons' Den asked me to come at any stage. I have been working out of invention Land out of Pittsburgh and the prototype is done and we are just working on the app and the band itself right now."

Stanley hopes to sell the band at retail for about $50.