Kingsville Mayor Calling For Shoreline Protection Program

The mayor of Kingsville is calling for the reinstatement of a shoreline protection program after widespread flooding across the municipality.

The rain and high wind this past weekend forced several people to leave their homes.

Nelson Santos says the situation in Kingsville, and across all of Windsor-Essex, is a perfect example of why more funding needs to be directed to flood mitigation programs.

Santos told AM800's 'The Afternoon News' that past programs were run through the province in partnership with the conservation authority and municipalities. "From our perspective, if we're able to restore the type of shoreline protection program that was in existence for decades in the past to support the protection of property and shoreline, that would be a benefit to both municipalities, to the province as well, to protect infrastructure such as our key roadways, protect homeowners.

"It's about protecting residents and their homes," says Santos. "There are areas that, I think, if we're able to provide additional shoreline protection measures, that can provide better security for their homes on their property."

Santos believes investment now can go a long way. "You look at the value of insuring, you have pieces in place to protect your highways, your roadways, bridges. In terms of identifying value and costs, I think the investment in shoreline protection in any means is a protection for the future in the long term."

Windsor-Essex saw record rainfall amounts over the weekend totalling more than 62mm.

Environment Canada says 23mm fell on Saturday and a record setting 42.2mm on Sunday. 

The old mark for April 15 was 31.2mm set in 1972.


With files from Patty Handysides