Kingsville Residents Survey Plans For Seacliffe Dr.

Kingsville residents came out in force to see plans for a stretch of road between Kingsville and Leamington.

A 9km stretch of Seacliffe Dr. will receive a much needed overhaul and the town is in the preliminary planning phases.

An open house was held Thursday night and was well attended, according to Mayor Nelson Santos.

"Earlier on I arrived shortly after the opening and saw a good crowd milling around the tables for both the stretch that comes between Kingsville and Leamington," he says.

Santos says changes to pedestrian pathways were suggested and the new plan received positive feed back.

The original plan involved a single multi-use path, but residents wanted to see a separation of paths for safety and changes were made to reflect that.

"That stemmed from some of the concerns from the original meeting about having just a shared multi-use pathway between cyclists, and strollers, runners, joggers, walkers, trying to avoid potential conflicts," says Santos.

He told AM800 News the town received some productive input as well.

"Adding a left turn lane on Seacliffe Dr. at the intersection of County Road 31, which currently doesn't have one, that could provide basically a back up of traffic and it would make it potentially dangerous if cars were looking to try to use the median," he added.

Santos says the input collected will be reviewed and evaluated and presented in a few months.