Kingsville Residents To Pay An Average $40 More

The Town of Kingsville is to formalize its 2018 budget at its meeting tonight.

The $16-million budget was finalized at a special meeting last week.

Mayor Nelson Santos says the average homeowner with $200,000 property value will pay just under $40 more.

Santos says the municipal taxation is one portion of what people pay on their property.

"Our municipality is looking at an increase in their property taxes. The local spending is up about 3.3% but then you combine certainly the full bill with the county levy and the education levy.  So year over year our tax rate is climbing 1.5%"

He says they're putting $1-million into the roads budget and there's one major project.

"The significant reconstruction of Division Street South, we will be basically be putting, relaying 2 layers of asphalt there, providing for a smoother and even safer roadway.  That covers from the Main Street south to Park Street"

Santos says they don't plan to add any staff this year.

"We maintained our staffing rates, we weren't providing for any new hires for this year. The rationale for that is we're trying to accommodate the impact of Bill 148 on the municipality.  That impact alone this year represents 1.5% of our budget basically the increase we're seeing this year, year over year"

Santos says the town will do a number of other infrastructure projects from sidewalks to bridges to parks.