Kingsville's Part Time Workers Set To Unionize

A first for part-time employees with the town of Kingsville.

The town and IBEW Local 636 have reached a tentative agreement.

Kingsville Mayor Nelson Santos says the town has seven part-timers on a regular basis and as many as 14 during the summer months.

"Generally having a collective agreement in place for our employees, now, at the part-time level is certainly a positive for our municipality," says Santos. "It does provide some clarity and direction for the term of the contract."

Santos says while there isn't a high number of part-time employees, they play an integral part in the town's operations. "The work that the part-time staff does includes a member in our fire department providing service there, members at our parks and recreation for inside and outside representing, parks, culture and our events and festivals. So it's a significant piece of the services that are provided to our community as a whole," he says.

Santos says the workers will take part in a ratification vote sometime next week.

Kingsville Council will vote on the deal at its next meeting on June 25.