Kingsville Scrapping Electronic Voting

The Town of Kingsville is doing away with electronic voting for the 2018 municipal election.

Concerns from the community came after results were delayed and questions were raised about re-counts after the 2014 election.

Kingsville resident Kim DeYong says more than 2,000 signatures were gathered calling for the change.

She says it's nice that the voices of the residents were heard.

"I am pleased with their decision to do away with electronic voting. Especially based on Kingsville's results last year. All the issues that residents had voting and our delayed outcome and I think they made a wise decision choosing security over convenience."

DeYong says there were concerns about security as well.

"We basically voted with a private company's software. That private company's server is located somewhere. I don't know where. I don't know if anybody knows where, if it's even within our jurisdiction of our laws, if it's in our country and once it's on the internet it's really global."

DeYong adds the electoral process needs to be valued more.

"I think when municipalities are choosing convenience and outsourcing this process to a privately owned company that they're doing a disservice to the actual purpose of having elections. We can't make voting as easy as social media access."

Kingsville Council voted unanimously to go with a mail-in ballot system for the upcoming election.