Knifepoint Robbery For A Cell Phone

Windsor police are investigating a knifepoint robbery. 

Just after one Friday morning, officers were called to McDougall at Erie Street. 

A 21-year old man told police he was riding his bike when he was approached by three people who asked for the time.   When the victim pulled out his phone to check, one of the men tried to grab it. 

Police say another man in the group then pulled out a knife and demanded his phone. 

The suspects, two men and a woman, were last seen walking west on Erie from McDougall. 

Suspects descriptions: 

1) Male, black, early 20's, tall, wearing a yellow hoodie, sunglasses and riding a bike.
2) Male, olive skin, tall, early 20's, wearing a t-shirt. (on foot)
3) Female, black, early 20's, dark hair. (on foot)