Labour Council President Disappointed At Tim's Minimum Wage Reaction

The head of the Windsor and District Labour Council is disappointed with the way some Tim Horton's franchises are handling increased minimum wages.

At some Timmy's the workers are getting higher pay, but losing benefits and perks.

Windsor and District Labour Council President Brian Hogan says there are other options such as increasing coffee prices.

Speaking on AM800's The Lynn Martin Show, Hogan points out Tim Horton's is Canada's coffee shop.

He says this is a real morale hit for the Timmy's workers affected.

"When you heard 'Oh you're getting a raise that's awesome, I can perhaps pay some bills' some people who use the food bank may use it less often" says Hogan "All of a sudden your boss says yeah you've got your couple of bucks, but we're going to take a couple of bucks back in a different way, it's very unfortunate"

He says the increased minimum wage was to help those struggling financially.

"This is one, not the only issue, but one way of trying to push back on poverty, push back on precarious work" explains Hogan "So hopefully other companies are making it work and certainly we would love to support those companies that are making it work and taking care of their workers"

"They're basically saying, the law changed so what we're going to - some of the franchisees - not all that's good to hear" says Hogan "they're going to say sorry we're going to take it out on you.  I think Kathleen Wynne's not wrong when she said talk to me take it out on me"

Hogan says he would be glad to pay a bit more for items and would support businesses that do that rather than hurt workers.