Lakeshore 2018 Budget Puts Focus On Infrastructure

Lakeshore residents may be looking at a 2.7% tax bump in 2018.

The municipality currently has one of the lowest tax-rates in Essex county, but Mayor Tom Bain says an increase is needed if the town wants to continue to grow.

He's confident residence will see value in any extra-cash ponied up for Lakeshores development in 2018.

"I think we've got a fine balance, we're still going to remain the lowest as far as taxes go in all of Essex-County, but you need tax-dollars if you're going to stay a leader," says Bain. "We know we've got to continue to build our infrastructure."

When it comes to infrustructure, Bain tells AM800 News residents have made it clear they want dirt roads to be a thing of the past.

"We've done a lot in the past, as far as infrastructure goes, with regards to water, and now we've moved roads to the front," he says. "Also we're beginning to look at sewage lines."

There will be an added focus on flood recovery and prevention.

"We're doing a master-plan in that area to look at how we can best prevent floods, and how can we stay one step ahead should it occur again," says Bain. "We know there's a lot of climate-change going on and it's probably going to come back again."

He says deliberations continue Friday, he expects the budget to pass at the meeting.