Lakeshore Approves Seasonal ORV And ATV Use

A pilot project in Lakeshore is now becoming permanent.

The town has had a temporary by-law for the past two years allowing Off-Road and All-Terrain Vehicles to be used through the ice fishing season in the Lighthouse Cove area.

The season runs from December to April.

The "temporary" tag is now being removed as council has approved the by-law on a permanent basis.

However, a blanket by-law for the town isn't happening just yet.

Councillor Linda McKinlay says the Lighthouse Cove experiment went well. "We didn't have one incident, so we've now made it a permanent by-law and moving forward, we're going to look into other areas which may benefit from this by-law."

"The town will explore a potential blanket by-law on Off-Road Vehicles for Lakeshore," says McKinlay. "We will now begin a process to work with Essex County and see if we can expand this program into other areas and for other reasons."

A letter from the town's insurer warned the municipality of increased liability and advised council to "carefully consider" before approving a blanket by-law approving off-road vehicle use on municipal roads.

ORV's and ATV's remain prohibited on County of Essex roadways.