Lakeshore Canadiens Looking For Series Lead

The Lakeshore Canadiens are looking to take a 3-2 series lead Saturday night in their Schmalz Cup quarter-final series.

The Canadiens host Lambeth in game five action at the Atlas Tube Centre.

Lakeshore won game four on the road, shutting out the Lancers 2-0.

Goalie Erik Morneau picked up the shut out and says the team is upbeat.

"We realize the opportunity we have and we realize that we have a good team and we have a good bunch of guys in the room," says Morneau.  "We're excited, we're excited to go."   

He says the guys know they have to play simple game.

"First few game we were kind of running around not playing the way we could and we got back to that last game," says Morneau.  "So we just got to keep playing the way we have been and we'll be fine."    

Morneau says he liked the way the team bounced back after a tough 8-2 loss in game three last weekend.

"The only good thing about losing that bad is it's just one game, we kind of erase it from our memory," says Morneau.  "We had a little nice team meeting, got refocused and came back in game four and showed the real Lakeshore Canadiens."    

Puck drops at 7:30pm Saturday.

Game six is set for Sunday night in Lambeth and, if needed, game seven would take place Monday night in Lakeshore.