Lakeshore Fire Undergoing Coverage Review

Growth in Lakeshore has sparked a review of the town's fire coverage.

Fire Chief Don Williamson says response times have increased in last 10 years as growth has led to more traffic on County Road 22.

He says geography is a challenge as well.

"Lakeshore is actually two and a half times bigger than the City of Windsor, geographically. So we've got urban areas and suburban areas and mostly rural, but we do have those pockets of densified population, especially in the northwest corner, and that's the area we want to address first."

He says it's important to get a plan in place before resident safety becomes an issue.

"We're looking to the future, but in my opinion it's more the immediate future because of the growth demands. Next steps, based on council's direction, is to sit down and look at the optimization we've recommended and look at what kind of stations we may see in the future and where they might be located at."

He says no additional stations have been built since amalgamation in 1999.

"Based on the locations of the fire stations, with the increased traffic because of the growth of the community, it's delaying firefighters getting to the station and at the same time causing issues with the truck getting to the scene. So all that is adding to a delayed overall response. So we want to move those stations, if we can, in the future."

Lakeshore currently has five fire stations with 95 on call firefighters.

Town administration will now begin work on a plan going forward.