Lakeshore Issues Warning to Residents


A warning from the Town of Lakeshore.

The town is asking residents to stop disconnecting streetlights in the municipality.

Mayor Tom Bain says officials recently discovered some streetlights along Lake St. Clair and in Belle River were disconnected.

He says it has happened in the past and believes the lights are getting disconnected because of the fish flies in the municipality.

"Unfortunately the fish flies certainly bother people and people have taken it up on themselves, a few individuals go ahead and disconnect our streetlights," says Bain.  "This we're asking them not to do.  It's certainly a vary major safety factor."

Bain says the OPP has been notified.

"We're aware that this goes on but it's not the ordinary, every day citizen that can go in and disconnect an electric lights without getting electrocuted," says Bain.  "So we're asking the public to just co-operate with us."   

Bain says in past years, officials would re-connect the streetlights only to have them disconnected again the next day.

He says it's a safety concern for pedestrians and motorists but whoever is tampering with the lights could get electrocuted.