Lakeshore Making Amends With Belle River Minor Soccer

Lakeshore town council is moving to make things right with Belle River Minor Soccer.

The club has been frustrated by on-going development that has repeatedly pushed it into smaller spaces.

Most recently, construction of the Atlas Tube Centre split 70 acres of land, developed by the club, in half.

That was the final straw, leading to a showdown last month at town council.

A committee including Mayor Tom Bain and Councillor Steven Wilder has now been set up to look into the problems, which has Soccer Club President Rad Stevanovic is pleased. "Them being on the steering committee is going to go a long long way and they're going to see we're a great organization, good people, trying to do the right thing for soccer and the community in Belle River."

Stevanovic says funding is not an issue, it's a question of lack of input on property changes and the loss of facilities.

He says the club has met with administration over the past few weeks, but talks have stalled and Stevanovic says this might be the push needed to make some progress.