Lakeshore Opens New Jetty

A new jetty has been officially opened at Lakeview Park's West Beach in Lakeshore.

Speaking at a ribbon-cutting Tuesday, Mayor Tom Bain says the 150 metre long, three metre wide jetty is a welcome addition to the town's lake front.

"No matter when you come out here to the park, there's people out walking on the jetty," says Bain.  "There's people sitting on the benches, people are enjoying it and also to see those who use the accessible part of it.  Coming out with their scooters, with their wheelchairs and they're using it, giving them an opportunities they've never had before, getting right out into the water."



There was a break wall previously at the site.

"It was a matter of we needed a jetty to separate boaters from the swimmers," says Bain.  "There was a safety problem there and council taking a look at the park that we had and the amenities that we had with the park, we just decided that to make it compliment what was already here, we had to do the Cadillac version."

He says the jetty is also fully accessible.

"One of the great aspects of it, is that there are three resting areas or look outs that we have and they're shaded," says Bain.  "So it's great for seniors or whom ever, walk part way, sit down enjoy it, move on."

The project was first approved in 2016 and while there were some minor delays, the project was on budget.

The price tag for the new jetty was $1.45 million.