Lakeshore Parks Plan To Get A Facelift

Lakeshore is looking to better serve its residents when it comes to parks.

The town has conducted a number of public consultation sessions with a goal of updating its Parks Master Plan.

Councillor, Steven Wilder, says there's been a population boom in the last number of years and needs across the municipality are changing.

Wilder says feedback found the number one activity for most residents is walking.

"I think it was a bit of a surprise to everyone. We think of parks we think of sports and we think of playground equipment, but by in large the enjoyment that goes into walking and the trail system, it was something that the residents spoke loud and clear about. It's tends to be their number one activity."

He says residents are asking for more trails and more connectivity.

"So they want to see us continue to expand the trail program that we've been working on creating connecting links both within the Town of Lakeshore and our parks system, but also to other municipalities taking advantage of the other trail systems that exist and really trying to create a connecting link that will allow the residents to explore Lakeshore internally, but also be active and make use of active transportation to explore the County of Essex as a whole."

Wilder adds, with Lakeshore being the largest municipality in Essex County, serving each community's recreational needs can be challenging.

The town plans to hold another round of public open houses in the coming months with a final draft for a new Parks Master Plan to be prepared after that.