Lakeshore Planning To Improve Emergency Notification

The Town of Lakeshore continues to look into the best way to keep residents in the loop when an emergency situation occurs.

The report comes after complaints from residents over communication from the town during last September's major flooding event.

Councillor, Steven Wilder, says staff did a great job with their available resources, but he'd like to see more options explored.

He says Lakeshore should be looking to neighbouring municipalities for advice.

"Unfortunately, I heard from a number of residents that, given our proximity to Tecumseh and to Windsor and that they were impacted by the event, that they felt more information was forthcoming from those municipalities. They were concerned about whether improvements should have been made or further communication really should have been available."

Wilder says information needs to be more readily available.

"If another event like this does happen, how we can make sure that our residents, our businesses, our people find out the information they need and they find it with ease because in a situation like that, whether it's declared am official emergency or not, it's very much an emergency for the people that are impacted."

Lakeshore administration has began work on an overall communications plan for the town to get information out to residents.

Wilder is hoping mass notification for emergencies is a major focus in the new plan.