Lakeshore Plant On Fast Track To Production

With a significant boost from the federal government, a Lakeshore plant is about a month away from hitting production.

Astrex was created in 2015 to use innovative technology to manufacture aluminium alloys for crash management in vehicles.

A $17-million announcement made yesterday will initially create 62 jobs at the Lakeshore plant, with another 24 being added during a later phase.

Astrex General Manager Mark Blackmore says they're on a fast-track to production: "Building construction commenced in January 2016 resulting in a 140,000 square foot facility in Lakeshore. Equipment installation commenced shortly after that in August, requiring the installation of some 140 truckloads of equipment from Europe and North America."

"The process creates a valuable material," says Blackmore. "What we do is manufacture aluminium that's both high-strength to transfer energy and ductile aluminium to absorb energy so your car remains un-impacted in a 5 MPH crash.  We do this with a lot of technology in the aluminium area."

The joint venture of CanArt Aluminium Extrusion and Constellium also received $1.5-million in provincial funding in September.