Lakeshore Residents Want More Trails And Upgraded Playground Equipment

Lakeshore has wrapped up its last public consultation meeting on a Parks Master Plan.

The town is looking to make changes to the current 15 year plan in light of a growing population.

Mayor Tom Bain says there was a tremendous turnout at all three of the consultation meetings. 

Bain says the top three requests are more walking trails, splash pads and upgraded playground equipment. "We are looking at three new subdivisions coming in starting in the spring. That is one of the amenities these people in the sub divisions want. They have got young families and they want parks where they can go for walks, parks where they can take their children, enjoy the park and all their playground equipment."

"The town will come up with the money for the plan over the next several years," says Bain. "Certainly there is a reserve there, not enough do everything we would like to do, but it will be a long range plan. It is not something we will be able to accomplish this year or next year."

Paul Bezaire, one of the planners working on the plan, says the  total cost could range from $8-10 million, depending on the changes.