Lakeshore To Welcome Quebec Students At Town Hall

Lakeshore is taking part in a student exchange program.

Town council has approved a YMCA summer student exchange for youth who are about 16 to 17 years old. The program works by having students from Ontario "swap" families with students from Quebec for about 6 weeks.

Town Manager of Human Resources Lisa Granger says the Quebec students would work at the town.

"It is quite possible they would be assigned to the town of Lakeshore to be employed with us and usually we use day camp in the summer or the marina because they are interchangable and engaged positions," says Granger.

She says this is a first for the town.

"It provides an excellent opportunity for our Lakeshore students to learn a new culture in Quebec and by participating in this program we are a vehicle for letting that happen," says Granger.

The YMCA pays minimum wage for the student and the employer pays the difference between minimum wage and the employer's rate of pay. The high school student in the program does not replace a normal student hired for the summer.