Lakeshore Town Council Considering Digital Polls

A report brought before Lakeshore Town Council outlined a plan to employ an internet and telephone based voting system for the 2018 municipal election Tuesday.

On the same night Kingsville was trading in digital-polls for a mail-in-ballot, Lakeshore was considering making the change.

Town clerk Mary Masse tells AM800 the move could save time and money.

"Less paper to deal with and less election workers are required, so manpower that's needed for the election is reduced," she says.

Several councilors voiced concerns over a system that may be challenging for those who aren't tech savvy.

Councilor Linda Mckinlay says many of the towns seniors could be lost come election day.

"I know that a third of our seniors don’t use a computer, nor do they own a computer. I feel we need to be conscious of that and pay attention to that,” says Mckinlay. "In the future … everybody’s going to live by their computer, but not yet.”

Councilor Dave Monk tells council that technical failures could cause residents to miss out on election day, but Masse says, if the system is confusing, or if access to a phone or Internet is an issue, there would be help available.

"What we would do in that case is accommodate them through a voting location where there would be internet available for them. So computers that are set up, tablets that could be set up in central areas for them to vote on,” Masse says.

Lakeshore council requested more information before a final decision is made.

The Town has until May 1 to commit to a digital based poll if it intends to use it for 2018.